World fastest VPS for algo traders

We offer collocated virtual and dedicated servers with ultra low latency connectivity, serving proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedgefunds and individual algorithmic traders to access various trading venues and networks from Equinix LD4 (UK) and Equinix NY4 (US) data center. Collocated to the major liquidity providers, exchanges and interbank dealing servers, our clients can achieve the lowest possible distance latency.

For latency critical strategies we offer our HFT Virtual and Dedicated Servers. This servers designed without compromise, to achieve an extremely fast environment for trading applications. Many algorithmic traders select us for our simple technical solutions and ultra low latency capabilities. Severs are  connected to our own HFT network which offers a less than 300 nanosecond routing latency.


Economic VPS Packages

From 20 GBP

In Equinix NY4In Equinix LD4

Premium VPS Packages

From 48 GBP

In Equinix NY4In Equinix LD4

HFT VPS Packages

From 75 GBP

In Equinix NY4In Equinix LD4

HFT Dedicated Servers

From 750 GBP

In Equinix NY4In Equinix LD4

Security Policy

Since UltraFX’s establishment in 2011, our highest and most crucial priority has been safeguarding our clients’ data and privacy on our servers. We require all our clients to follow a mandatory procedure: replacing their newly created server password with a self-created one. This new password is the sole means of accessing the server, and only the client possesses it. Clients bear the responsibility of securely maintaining this password.

Neither UltraFX nor any of its employees have access to this password or the server. It functions as a master password and cannot be reset or recovered. If a client loses this password, access to the server becomes impossible, and all its content will be permanently deleted. In such a scenario, we can only provide a new server.

We currently do not support mobile connection to the server.

Crypto Exchange Gateway

  • Axon Trade is a service provider for institutional clients (hedge funds, broker-dealers, market-makers, platforms, exchanges) looking for trading digital assets.
  • Axon Trade provides access to real-time, normalized market data feed coming from 30+ major digital assets exchanges from the US, Asia and Europe (the latest list is here: and allows to trade on each of them over FIX 4.4 protocol.
  • We use private internet channels to execute client’s orders, therefore, our customers usually outperforming other traders for about 10-15 ms.
  • XTRD Servers accessible in Equinix NY4 Datacenter from UltraFX via fiber optic direct cross-connect
  • In Equinix LD4 Data center gateway servers hosted by UltraFX



"Recently, I use the UltraFX Premium VPS Alpha. I am very pleased with this package. I have used many VPS server but none were as effective as this one. The perfect devices, suitable price for the quality. I would recommend to anyone!"

Tomasz KomrausZRB Profbud Company Owner, Poland

"I used UltraFXVPS Alpha Premium vps, and also their HFT VPS, and am very satisfied. UltraFXVPS is very careful not to oversell their vps servers. UltraFXVPS staff wants you to have a very reliable vps for your automated or manual trading strategies. I highly recommend them."

Trader from USA

"I have a bad news we are facing too much issues in XXXXX VPS from other company even in dedicated server hopefully we will back to you next week 🙂 this is really amazing your 2 core VPS is 10X faster than 6 core dedicated Xeon from the other company. :)"


"Just inform that my ... brokerage account is working smoothly now and I would like to understand what made your company networking so quick. I do have a vps under New York data center which is supplied by one of famous network company, even I have <1 ms ping but the execution time is taking longer than under ultra VPS servers. Btw the same terminal allocate under ultra VPS server with captured speed 75 ms.
Do you mind to share more information about this and I just curious why? I am considering to move all my terminals to ultra VPS now."

Client from Malaysia

The VPS you offer is superb... love it."

John Woolnough, UK