Advantages of using our UltraFX VPS and UltraFX Dedicated Servers

The first and obvious advantage is that our servers (VPS and dedicated) are in London (UK), in Equinix LD4 and New Jersey (US), in Equinix NY4 Data Center which are the best place regarding algorithmic FX trading. Furthermore, we provide servers purely for trading applications and our systems are specialized to fulfill the requirements posed by trading algorithms. Hosting websites and storing family pictures need different requirements and often contradict with those needed for trading. We run our UltraFX VPS business as a Club of Algorithmic Traders and we know that our clients as members of the club demand high quality systems. So we have to constantly improve, especially the latency numbers, just to keep this club alive. We use high grade servers. From the middle of April, 2015 we switched on our ultralow latency internal network and new faster products are now offered as well. We never do „ballooning” which means we distribute only the amount of RAM capacity that we physically possess. This ensures stability and reduces the chance of disruption of service caused by resource exhaustion. Approximately, we host only half of the number of VPS that we actually could on one server, to make sure that CPU is available when we need it. We know how secretive traders are about their trading systems and because of this we give full administrator rights with all VPS and dedicated servers. When the trader changes the password given by us then even we are unable to access his VPS or server. We can stop it, restart it and erase it but we’re unable to access to the stored information. Speed and privacy are paramount overall.