Metatrader EA’s waking up on UltraFX VPS!

On 10th February 2016 we completed a short latency test using the LatencyTester V2 EA.
The EA measuring the time between sending one order and receiving the confirmation. The process automatically repeated 50 times to get the Minimum, Maximum and the Average latency.

The result

Min. Latency: 15 ms
Max. Latency: 32 ms
Avg. Latency: 26 ms
VPS: UltraFX VPS Premium Gamma package
Account: Live LMAX Exchange MT4


UltraFX VPS clients have a latency edge compare to the majority of MT4 EA users. UltraFX VPS clients EA’s often already in and out of the trades until others still trying to catch the quotes or waiting for confirmations. We are not surprised that many of our clients reported that their EA came into life on UltraFX VPS. Even with MT4 the latency improvement clearly visible when it placed into a professional HFT environment.