UltraFX Mimicry LD4 (Beta)

UltraFX Mimicry is a multiple number of gateways. Clients can direct their trading traffic from UltraFX servers towards any of the listed UltraFX Mimicry Gateways and mimic (hide) their UltraFX server IP address. By using UltraFX Mimicry, our clients can increase the discretion of their algorithmic trading activity.
This service is free for all UltraFX clients and can be used only from UltraFX Servers. The gateways will periodically (2-10 days) change their IP address towards the trading venue. Clients can anytime choose from the listed gateways (see below, after the schematic). We will constantly add new gateways.



UltraFX Mimicry Gateways

Name Domain name Last IP change
UltraFX Mimicry 1 eu1.ultrafx.com:8888 2023.12.26.
UltraFX Mimicry 2 eu2.ultrafx.com:8888 2023.12.26.
UltraFX Mimicry 3 eu3.ultrafx.com:8888 2023.12.26.
UltraFX Mimicry 4 eu4.ultrafx.com:8888 2023.12.26.
UltraFX Mimicry 5 eu5.ultrafx.com:8888 2023.12.26.


How to use it
Set up Mimicry with MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5
Set up Mimicry with other trading softwares (Please note: it’s a system wide setting, but MetaTrader softwares do not use it)

In case you need help, our Mimicry Specialist will make the settings through screen sharing for free of charge. To schedule a support session please contact mimicryspecialist@ultrafx.com