Why and when the VPS is slowing down

Most of the time we receive praising responses from our clients. However occasionally some VPS users complaining about their slow VPS. The causes are the followings:

1.) The most common cause is that the user overloading His VPS.
For example if someone let run 10 × MT4 with 10-20 open charts on the Alfa package VPS than the VPS will slow down and even could stop running. It is a simple physic behind it: If you put more load on the vehicle powered with the same engine than it will slow down.

There are two options to overcome the problem:
– Increase the power of the engine. For example: Go for Beta or Gamma packages if is still not enough than add more RAM.
– Reduce the load. For example: Reduce the number of application (open less number of MT4).Absolutely unthoughtful to run application like Skype, Email, YouTube, web browser, or even strategy backtast, etc. on the VPS. Actually we prohibit such usage on the VPS. This applications adding unnecessary load and using them on the VPS is against the trader interest. Actually the user pay a lot for it in the form of trading loss. Professional algo taders reduce the load as much as possible because they want to achieve more speed.

2.) The second common cause is that the VPS is not kept clean. Full of viruses, malwares etc. because the VPS used for unnecessary surfing on the internet. For algo traders the collocated VPS is precious tool and should be kept clean and should be used only for trading. Please note that we provide every VPS new without any viruses and malwares.

3.) The third common cause is that self the trading software (EA) is malfunctioning.

Before sending us a complaining email, please first make sure that the slowdown not due to the causes explained above.

Thank you.