How to ping Broker servers using PsTools

How to install PsTools:

Open a browser and download PsTools from here -> Click on “Download PsTools Suite”


Open “”


It will open a folder, go into “Downloads”


Press right click on “PsTools” -> “Extract All”


Delete the destination and write “C:\PSTools” -> “Extract”

How to use PSTools:

Press right click on Windows button -> “Command Prompt (Admin)”


Write “cd C:\PSTools”


To Ping a Server you need an “IP address or a Domain name” and a “Port”

How to get an ip address or a domain name


When the pinging is done, you will see 5 latency to the trader in milisencond


in case you don’t get any result and the following message appearsm there could be several reasons for this:

  • You misspelled the “IP address or Domain name”, “Port”
  • The IP address  is blocked


Note: The Port is usually “443”