Our servers (videos)

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Our servers (video)

Electronic components do not like heat. For trading servers, efficient cooling is crucial to achieve constant low latency operation and reliability. However, for virtual and dedicated server providers the main expense is the cost of the space in the data centre. Therefore, narrow 1U rack height or blade servers often used to place many as possible servers into the rack cabinet to save space, reduce the cost and finally offer a cheap VPS. With such high density designs to achieve the superior cooling is very challenging or not achievable.

With UltraFX VPS servers we do not save space and cost to offer cheap VPSs or dedicated servers. Except the Economic VPSs we use either a 2U height rack servers or lately our own super-efficiently cooled 1.5U height Pink Jumbo® design, where massive airflow can pass through the server without any obstacle. This is the type of servers what traders and brokerage firms need to accomplish a fast and reliable operation.

Pink Jumbo® servers in our test lab before deployment in Equinix LD4 data centre:

Pink Jumbo® servers under the “funny fans test” demonstrating the high suction capacity 🙂 Massive amount of heat can be extracted immediately from the servers, keeping the electronic components and the CPU under a constantly low temperature: